Henry Wilson identity by MAUD / April 28, 2012

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One look and you know what this guy is about – that’s what we call an identity. Henry Wilson is an internationally respected young Australian Product Designer, with an ever-increasing profile in Europe, Australia, the UK and US. He’s a graduate with first class honours from the Australian National University, but what we like most is that he also holds a Masters from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. As a strong believer in ethical and human-centered design, Henry creates new objects as well as thoughtful and useful additions to existing objects.

His practice is built around his belief that design should respond to a real need, an ethos the people from MAUD wanted to reflect in his identity. The brandmark was designed to reflect the crafted yet utilitarian nature of his products, where form and function coexist in harmony. It is designed to remain ledgible regardless of reproduction techniques. Whether it’s stamped, embossed or created with a branding iron, it retains its strength and identity while absorbing the characteristics of whatever it is applied to.