We’re an advertising agency – we build brands.

We think before we create – Our work must be effective and therefore well strategized. We like to build brands with a story, A story with a message And a message with a purpose.

Rituals Me Time

We have implemented a complete meditation section in Rituals’ existing app. This new section is called ‘Me Time’, and offers three guided meditations (breath, body, awakening) in four different durations; 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes. So no matter how little time you think you may have, the Rituals app always offers an opportunity to sink into complete relaxation. One of Rituals’ aims was to make the meditation sessions accessible and enjoyable for all their fans – whether it’s their very first meditation experience or if they’re more seasoned practitioners. Recently we’ve received some of its user stats, which clearly imply frequent and intensive use of the Me Time section in Rituals’ app. We have developed and delivered Rituals Me Time in five different languages.

The House of Yoga

We’re happy to inform you that dreams, in fact, come true. We wanted to combine our talents and put them to good use in a project that benefits all people, which gradually evolved into The House of Yoga. This is an online platform designed to inspire and support a yogic lifestyle. The platform offers guided yoga and meditation videos featuring a variety of world-class teachers. It aims to make authentic yoga and meditation practices accessible to anyone around the world, regardless of experience or background. Many wonderful people have contributed to the realization of The House of Yoga – and many wonderful things are yet to come! Start your online practice today.




Kyra’s Kitchen

Kyra is an activist for health & happiness – yet she has her very own, unique way of getting her message across: through the belly. The healthy treats she dreams up in her kitchen never fail to make us happy. They’re fingerlickin’ good. She is a published writer of (culinary) articles and books, food photographer and stylist, body mind chef, yoga teacher and developer of inspirational health food concepts. We developed a new identity style and designed a fresh magazine-like website to give all the different things she undertakes the stage they deserve. Dig in!


All Those Sunflowers – ID&T

In this life, only one thing is for certain; no one here gets out alive. Which means we’ll inevitably all encounter the loss of a loved one. After which we’ll have to start anew. But we’ll find joy again. We’ll learn to go on and to appreciate life. And we’ll eventually even celebrate it. Capturing this thought has been one of our most wonderful projects, and has resulted in a short fiction film directed by Bram Schouw – with Sylvia Hoeks in the leading role. All those Sunflowers has finally seen its debut on the big screen. It premiered at the NFF (Dutch Film festival), was included to the NFF Year Selection and even ran in the Gouden Kalf competition. As from now, it’ll travel a string of film festivals all over the world and hopefully touch more hearts.

Het Geluid – Q-music

And it’s on. As from now, the most popular radio game in Dutch ether is in full effect. The search for the Sound – ‘het Geluid’ – has broken loose. Now, the game hasn’t changed. It’s simple as ever – describe the sound correctly and receive a significant sum of cash. The players however, seem increasingly fanatic every year. So we had to gear the game up.
In this year’s campaign, the search for the Sound takes us up to the rooftops of Rotterdam, where Mattie & Wietze jump from building to building, cross alleys using ladders and feel no inhibition whatsoever when it comes to hanging upside down from the top of a skyscraper. The commercial’s directed by Marco Grandia, the photography for print and outdoor was done by Alek.

ID&T Documentary Celebrate Life

About one and a half year ago, we sat down with ID&T and had a chat about making a brand movie. But with our enthusiasm, the project gradually grew completely out of hand – leading to the making of a short documentary in which we’ve tried to capture more than twenty years of ID&T and how it’s left its mark on the electronic dance music industry. The documentary shows ID&T’s development from its very beginning, tells the story of ID&T’s transformation to sustainable entrepreneurship and presents its founders’ true intentions; to celebrate Life and enable as many people as possible to experience the atmosphere of love, friendship, openness and unity at every single festival. Directed by Thijs Schreuder-Rinnooy Kan and produced in cooperation with Hazazah Pictures.

The Loft – pop up store

In case you’ve ever been to a lamp store, you know it sells lamps. Just like carpet stores are carpeted with carpets. But. If you’re looking to add some serious character to your interior, say, by hanging a seven feet plane from your ceiling, it might be a good thing to first see if things fit together. Enter the Loft. This a temporary store decorated as an apartment where a carefully curated collection of design furniture, art and accessories culminate in one inspiring interior design experience. From the tables and chairs to the carpets on the floor and even the books on the bedside table – everything in the Loft is for sale. We co-created the concept, did the design and wrote the copy. The curation and styling of everything in the Loft was trusted in the incredibly talented hands of Playing Circle’s Kassandra and Dominique ter Mors.

SOS Kinderdorpen: Het Familiecadeau

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year and your kids can’t sleep at night wondering what wondrous presents you’ve got in store for them. But what they probably aren’t aware of, is that having a family is a gift in itself. Throughout the world, there are still millions of children without parents or any family. The best gift one can give such a child, is a family. Therefore, we came up with ‘Het Familiecadeau’ – the Family Gift. On one hand you give a child a family in an SOS Children’s Village, and on the other hand you give your own family a place to keep your precious family moments safe. The Family Gift is filled with objects that belong to family rituals from all over the world, so your children can learn about other cultures, to care about others and that having a family isn’t a given for everyone on earth. read more

KNVB – Homo? Boeit geen flikker.

Although there are many gay guys playing football – professional ones too, of course – no one dares to come out of the closet. Afraid to hit a wall of intolerance.
Now, the only thing we do not tolerate is intolerance. Of any kind. So we were glad when we got the opportunity to work with the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) and think about how we could break down this wall and empower people to be as they are.
We wanted to make a commercial about this subject without getting too sentimental about it. Sexual preference just shouldn’t be an issue. The commercial has been implemented in their campaign to raise awareness of the problem.  read more

Q-music Strategy and campaign

Radio is a magnificent medium – you never have to be alone. The right music on the right moment can make your day. Listening to Q-music feels like hanging out with a bunch of friends – your Q-Entourage. This Q-Entourage consists out of four Q-music dj’s, which represent the positive, social energy Q-music transmits to its audience. They spread good vibes and they’re always on your side – all you have to do is tune in to the right radio station.
Q is good for you.

ID&T – Tapwater. Our water

Water belongs to all of us. It’s our most basic need and our most fundamental right. That’s why water ought to be freely available to everyone – throughout the world. Lisca and Carlijn at ID&T are very aware of the importance of this matter and strive to offer fresh, filtered and free tap water at all their festivals. They asked us to raise awareness of the project in an economic and understandable manner. This resulted in a simple, copy-based campaign with an open character, which can be adjusted to fit each festival’s own identity.



Meer dan voetbal – De Aanvoerders

Football isn’t just football. Football can mean a lot more – it can improve society. It can teach kids to be team players. It keeps us in good shape and it unites people of different teams, with differing colours – and views. Meer dan voetbal (More than football) is a great foundation which aims to prove these points. We came up with a plan to enhance the positive perception of the sport, which evolves around a movement called ‘De Aanvoerders’ (the Captains). This is a movement of both professional and amateur footballers who take responsibility and want to represent the uniting power of football. It’s all about playing together.  read more

Return to Sender – Gift shop

Return to Sender is one of the best examples of a brand with a true purpose. By creating sustainable markets for products crafted from local materials, Return to Sender stimulates the development of local economies in the poorest parts of the globe. This generates steady incomes and ensures sustainable investments in education.
Do you need any more reason to buy someone a gift today? We are very proud of the new website and webshop, where you will find Return to Sender’s new gift collection – which is only available online. Great products, positive stories and a good brand. See www.returntosender.nl

Q-Music: Het Geluid

Finding a person who’s never heard of ‘het Geluid’ – the Sound – might just be as difficult as finding out what the sound is and how it’s made. It’s one of the most popular radio games and the format is simple: describe the sound correctly and receive a significant sum of cash. Now, some people tend to go quite far in their search for the sound. With this campaign, we illustrate the obsession the game brings along. Mattie & Wietze go up, down, right and left in their matching red tracksuits and their boom mic, in order to help their audience find out what the sound is. The concept was conceived with Concept Machine Celia Rosa and accompanied with photography by Bill Tanaka.

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Streaming Bee

Streaming Bee is a working force on a mission: to deliver your video content with utmost precision – well protected and to any device imaginable. It is a white label video on demand platform that can be tuned to your every need. Hard working bees like to see the results of their efforts. That’s why Streaming Bee provides you with every tool you need to optimize your content – and its revenue. We completely revised the brand’s strategy and developed an identity to match the company’s vision.

ID&T – Tapwater. Our water.

Water is easily taken for granted. You simply open up the tap and there it is; fresh ‘n clean. Or, when you’re easily bored, you can choose water from a variety of springs and different bottles and bubbles. The only thing we tend to overlook, is its polluting transportation and the growing amount of plastic waste floating around in our oceans. ID&T strives to offer fresh, filtered and free tap water at all their festivals and asked us to communicate this in an economic and understandable manner. We thought a simple, short animation would do the trick. Illustrations by Tim Boelaars and animated by David de Bruijne. Music by Olivier Weiter & Eelke Kleijn.

Q-music – Mattie & Wietze

Mattie & Wietze aren’t your average team. Not much like your childhood memory duo’s as Bert & Ernie, Bassie & Adriaan or that slightly obese guy and his skinny partner. Mattie & Wietze combine both ends of a broad spectrum of odd qualities – somehow forming the recipe for a radioshow that’ll wake you up well – guaranteed. That’s why they’re on Q-music every morning, between 6 and 9 o’clock. We immediately envisioned this powerful combination as Q-music’s trump card. Their secret Ace with an M ‘n W instead of diamonds, turning your morning upside down and supplying you with a hand of cards that’ll positively pull you through whatever the day might bring.




Guidion brand

Guidion is an innovative computer service company. Their Computer Buddies travel the Netherlands to solve computer problems. But what makes them unique is that they explain the cause and tell you the solution in a plain and understandable manner. We were asked to take a good look at Guidion’s positioning and strategy, which resulted in some interesting insights. This opened up the way for the creative process, and resulted in a fresh new identity with matching pay-off and campaign. All in cooperation with Illustrator/Art Director Christian Borstlap of Part of a Bigger Plan and the creative team Hakan Coskunsoy & Andre Dammers. The strategy and positioning was done with the lovely Corinne Genestay.

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The Playing Circle Identity

The Playing Circle provides inspiring spaces for trainings, meetings and workshops. And while you’re having your meeting, they take care of every detail you don’t want to think about. So you can focus on the essence of your gathering. Stepping out of your comfort zone has never been this comfortable.
We were asked to design a new brand identity for The Playing Circle and accordingly to re-style their online presence. We decided to develop an honest, minimalistic website that combines warm and inviting images with classic, clean-cut design. Check it out.