Pin Art by Philip Karlberg / May 21, 2012

  • Plaza-Karl-L-Dior-Homme_0006-562x750
  • Plaza-Jackie-O-Burberry_0019-562x750
  • Plaza-Steve-McQ-Persol_0023-562x750
  • Plaza-Depp-Armani_0002-561x750
  • Plaza-Belushi-Ray-Ban_0005-562x750
  • Plaza-L-Gaga-YSL_0003-562x750

Photographer Philip Karlberg’s photos are characterized by a pristine, near-perfect quality that nevertheless retains a suggestive secrecy. His works often involve visual clues, but this pin art series demands even more imagination of its viewer. It is a rarely seen technique requiring craftsmanship and a keen eye, which we can always appreciate. If you’re unable to identify every one of them, look at their iconic glasses: Karl Lagerfeldt, John Belushi, Jackie O, Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga and Steve McQueen.