Maarten joins ASN Bank’s Advisory Board / May 8, 2013

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ASN Bank has officially announced the accession of Willemijn Verloop and  Maarten van Huijstee to the Advisory Board of the bank. Both new members are involved with international issues such as human rights and social entrepreneurship. Their joining increases the capabilities and expertise of the Board and strengthens it in its advice on how the ASN Bank can contribute to a more sustainable society.

ASN’s Advisory Board consists out of five members, including Femke Halsema (President), Hans Kamps and Jan van der Kolk.

“With their involvement and knowledge of the international community,  Willemijn Verloop and Maarten van Huijstee fit the sustainable mission of ASN Bank well,” says Jeroen Jansen, CEO of ASN Bank. “They acknowledge the important role banks can play in a more sustainable society. Not merely with funds their customers entrust to them, but also by taking position in long-term social issues such as environment, human rights, biodiversity, health care, education and housing.”

“ASN Bank proves that social and sustainable banking can be successful. The bank contributes to a world with more renewable energy and encourages fair trade while boycotting child labor and the arms industry. I like to make a contribution to a bank that proves financial services can deal with social objectives,” says Willemijn Verloop. “With the knowledge and expertise I have gained over the years, I hope to contribute to the sustainable mission of ASN Bank. A mission in which money is a means – not an end,” adds Van Huijstee.

Since 1960, ASN Bank has committed to contribute to a more sustainable society. The bank takes into account climate, nature, vulnerable populations and the needs of future generations in all its activities. Customers can pay with ASN Bank, deposit savings and invest in ASN Investment Funds. The bank also provides financing for projects and organizations that fit its sustainability mission. ASN Bank is an independent bank and part of SNS REAAL.