Jee Young Lee – Stage of mind / December 6, 2013

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Who needs photoshop? Jee Young Lee most certainly doesn’t. She builds her images with her own hands, in real life, in her 3,6 x 4,1 x 2,4-meter studio in Seoul.
The series is titled “Stage of Mind” and every photograph has taken her weeks and sometimes months of thorough and patient preparation. She’s made every image without any digital retouching. Recently graduated from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, the young Jee Young Lee photographs the invisible. Where traditional photography submitted us to snippets of reality, Jee Young Lee invites us to look at pictures from her heart, memory and dreams. In the center of each of these stagings, we find the artist’s self-portraits. Her imagination is a catharsis that allows her to accept the repressions and frustrations imposed on her by society. The time allotted for its staging allows her to reflect on the subjects and her specific roles in them tell a particular story about her personal life experiences or traditional Korean fables and other cultural heritage from around the world. It is a form of deep self-reflection and a means to explore her psychological identity.