design + digital + own-work / December 10, 2012

If you like breathing, you’ll love yoga

If you’ve ever wondered why we always make such calm and relaxed impressions, here’s why. It’s because Delight is not merely about advertising. Not only about strategy and business. No. One important and distinctive aspect of Delight is Delight Yoga – our Yoga school in the heart of Amsterdam, where you can experience real, traditional yoga and meditation. Delight Yoga offers yoga and meditation for everyone, on every level. And anyone can do it – as we like to say: if you like breathing, you’ll love yoga. The website is designed to match the warm atmosphere as the school has itself and we hope it invites you to discover the elevating pleasures of yoga. Start today.

design / November 21, 2012

Jean-Charles Deserve – illustrations

There’s not much to say about Jean-Charles Deserve. And there’s little need for it – his drawings speak for themselves. They state quite clearly that beauty is in detail and attention. In taking time to draw by hand. That craftsmanship should never be exchanged for mere digital, surrogate design. Such detail is rarely seen in these modern times of haste and divided attention, which is a shame. This why we give it the attention it deserves here on our blog. Enjoy – and don’t forget to sharpen up your pencils and do some drawing yourself every once in a while.

design + film / October 17, 2012

Scrap surf

All good things start from scrap. That’s one truth. So, what’s left to say? Shwood sells handmade wooden sunglasses, Blecha Boards does the same with surf- snow- and skateboards. Both founders cooperated in this short film to prove they could build a high quality surfboard from scrapwood and asked Kahana Kalama to test the board to the limits for them. Filmed by Joe Stevens and accompanied by some mood enhancing music.

advertising + design / October 1, 2012

Coca Cola FM Magazine Amplifier

Our work is about making people a bit happier and healthier.
Coca Cola as a brand does fine at the first bit, but we can’t agree with the latter.
We’ll just have to cut JWT Brazil some slack for this simple ingenuity for coca cola fm, since we’re busy with radio too. It’s a simple idea and it saves some energy – and that’s kind of cool.

design / June 22, 2012

Babel the King

Wow. We finally got old. We didn’t have this when we grew up. This wonderful book has added some dimensions to storytelling. Although we loved pulling a creased paper Winnie the Pooh from left to right through a torn up page as well. But this book even has a narrator. And you can blow things away.

Babel is a grumpy old cat and not very bright at all. So begins the story of a cat that develops a pathological jealousy of the clouds and who spends his days annoying them. Babel is written by Karim Maaloul and developed by the Belgian guys from Epic. read more

design / June 13, 2012

Goliath Identity by Studio Beige

Goliath is a Dutch shoe brand founded by a craftsman and artisan who believed pride in one’s work was essential to creating a quality product. Studio Beige is a small design agency from Rotterdam and they’ve translated Goliath’s philosophy perfectly into an identity. It is done with a keen attention to detail and it has a welcoming warmth to it. We’d also like to point out the crisp copy and the pleasantly surprising side projects they promote. Power to them.

design / May 30, 2012

LONAC – Skate Bones

Lonac is a Croatian street artist. A very unknown and extremely talented one. We came across his skateboard fishbone series, but his other work is equally impressive. His work is about the nature of identity, expressed with a unique visual richness and depth to its underlying message. For two years he tortured his mind at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, but rightfully dropped out to return to the streets. Which, let’s be honest, can use a little painting.

design / May 29, 2012

The Very Small Office of Johan Kramer

We have never read a newspaper from a to z with such big smiles on our faces. Johan Kramer is keeping his office in a shoebox from now on, which is all logically explained in the paper. With every page you turn, there's a new surprise. It's filled with odd photography, superb illustrations, funny scribblings and fantastic copy. There's also a great illustrated story about how the shoebox and Johan met. On the beach.

We admire the love and dedication and obvious fun every page is made with. The greatest things and ideas come from very small offices. Obviously.