design + photography / May 21, 2012

Pin Art by Philip Karlberg

Photographer Philip Karlberg's photos are characterized by a pristine, near-perfect quality that nevertheless retains a suggestive secrecy. His works often involve visual clues, but this pin art series demands even more imagination of its viewer. It is a rarely seen technique requiring craftsmanship and a keen eye, which we can always appreciate. If you're unable to identify every one of them, look at their iconic glasses: Karl Lagerfeldt, John Belushi, Jackie O, Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga and Steve McQueen.

design + photography / May 14, 2012

Kirschner Identity by Six

If you’re thinking about cycling up and down a couple of hills anytime soon, there’s no need to worry: your outfit has been taken care of by Kirschner.
This new cycling apparel brand from Brazil collaborated with SIX, a UK based design agency that developed everything from name and identity, right through to the apparel design and promotional collateral. We like its modern styling with vintage nuances, giving the brand its own unique identity. All you need is a bike to match.

design + digital / May 11, 2012

76 Synthesizer

The analog funk finally found its digital way. This virtual analog monophonic synthesizer for the iPad is inspired by synthesizers from the 70’s, and combines playability with style. We’d like to encourage this movement and hope to see more of the old cool revived. As we like to say: don’t fake the funk – revive it.

advertising + design / May 8, 2012
design / April 28, 2012

Henry Wilson identity by MAUD

One look and you know what this guy is about – that’s what we call an identity. Henry Wilson is an internationally respected young Australian Product Designer, with an ever-increasing profile in Europe, Australia, the UK and US. He’s a graduate with first class honours from the Australian National University, but what we like most is that he also holds a Masters from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. As a strong believer in ethical and human-centered design, Henry creates new objects as well as thoughtful and useful additions to existing objects.