digital + film / May 21, 2014

ID&T Documentary Celebrate Life

About twenty years ago, your average dance party was likely to be held on a desolated downtrodden piece of grass in the middle of nowhere. There’d be about a hundred people dancing to the wobbling beats from a shaky sound system and you were sipping lukewarm beer from a dented can, waiting for the cops to come and break it up. But that was before ID&T arrived at the scene. ID&T has cultivated the art of party organization to an almost science-fictional level and has turned electronic dance music into a worldwide flourishing industry. This short documentary, directed by Thijs Schreuder-Rinnooy Kan, captures the turbulent history of ID&T, its process of transformation and finally presents their vision on the future – to Celebrate Life with as many people as possible.

design + digital + own-work / December 10, 2012

If you like breathing, you’ll love yoga

If you’ve ever wondered why we always make such calm and relaxed impressions, here’s why. It’s because Delight is not merely about advertising. Not only about strategy and business. No. One important and distinctive aspect of Delight is Delight Yoga – our Yoga school in the heart of Amsterdam, where you can experience real, traditional yoga and meditation. Delight Yoga offers yoga and meditation for everyone, on every level. And anyone can do it – as we like to say: if you like breathing, you’ll love yoga. The website is designed to match the warm atmosphere as the school has itself and we hope it invites you to discover the elevating pleasures of yoga. Start today.

digital / October 1, 2012

Timeline History Lessons by They

Many things about the future can be learnt from history – that’s nothing new. However, making history relevant to young people is another story. Amsterdam based agency They realized that Facebook’s Timeline is a great way to tell history.

With photo’s and videoclips all neatly placed in chronologic order, it offers students an entertaining overview on a few historic subjects. It also allows students to create posts, link various media, and create dialogue with fellow classmates.
Good work.

design + digital / May 11, 2012

76 Synthesizer

The analog funk finally found its digital way. This virtual analog monophonic synthesizer for the iPad is inspired by synthesizers from the 70’s, and combines playability with style. We’d like to encourage this movement and hope to see more of the old cool revived. As we like to say: don’t fake the funk – revive it.