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film + own-work / February 29, 2016

All those sunflowers

In this life, only one thing is for certain; no one here gets out alive. Which means we’ll inevitably all encounter the loss of a loved one. After which we’ll have to start anew. But we’ll find joy again. We’ll learn to go on and to appreciate life. And we’ll eventually even celebrate it. Capturing this thought has been one of our most wonderful projects, and has resulted in a short fiction film directed by Bram Schouw – with Sylvia Hoeks in the leading role. All those Sunflowers has finally seen its debut on the big screen. It premiered at the NFF (Dutch Film festival), was included to the NFF Year Selection and even ran in the Gouden Kalf competition. As from now, it’ll travel a string of film festivals all over the world and hopefully touch more hearts. Produced in cooperation with Hazazah Pictures and ID&T.


advertising + own-work / September 10, 2015

Het Geluid – Q-music

And it’s on. The search for the Sound – Het Geluid – is in full effect, baffling people every hour as the stakes are raised by incorrect descriptions. Although the game is simple as ever, the players become increasingly fanatic every year. So we had to gear the game up. Mattie & Wietze, helpful as they are, conduct a high speed chase on high altitude in order to discover what the Sound is. We upgraded Mattie & Wietze’s appearance, starting with their red suits and added some guts. We’ve never seen anyone hanging upside down from the top of a skyscraper as comfortable as Mattie. Held by his ankles. By Wietze. Directed by Marco Grandia.

film + own-work / March 6, 2015

We’ve been nominated for an ADCN award

Our work is nominated for an ADCN award! Which makes us very happy. Especially ’cause it’s a project we’re particularly proud of. It’s been a long and challenging process, which taught us a lot and brought us a lot. All Those Sunflowers is a short fiction film we’ve made with Bram Schouw for ID&T. It premiered September 2014 at the NFF (Dutch Film festival), was included to the NFF Year Selection and even ran in the Gouden Kalf competition. Fingers crossed!


own-work / June 18, 2014

We won an Esprix

It might have been the wind, something in the drinking water or sudden strikes of involuntary body movement causing vast amounts of people to tune in to Q-music at the time ‘Het Geluid’ was on air. We’ll never know for sure. Fact of the matter remains that people simply like het Geluid. It’s one of the most popular radio games in Dutch ether. Ever. Maybe our campaign might have helped a bit. There was no escaping and no mistaking it.
A bunch of people in a jury panel inevitably noticed too and decided to award us a prize for it. Which is cool. We’re very glad to have won an Esprix.

own-work / May 3, 2014

ID&T – Choose Tap Water

Water is easily taken for granted. You simply open up the tap and there it is; fresh ‘n clean. Or, when you’re easily bored, you can choose water from a variety of springs and different bottles and bubbles. The only thing we tend to overlook, is its polluting transportation and the growing amount of plastic waste floating around in our oceans. ID&T strives to offer fresh, filtered and free tap water at all their festivals and asked us to communicate this in an economic and understandable manner. We thought a simple, short animation would do the trick. Illustrations by Tim Boelaars and animated by David de Bruijne.

advertising + own-work / December 6, 2013

So you’ve heard – Q-music

According to this article in Marketing Tribune, Q-music has gained a significant share of the radio market over the last fifteen months (from 6,4 to 9,7 percent – a 53% growth). It is now amongst the top four radio market leaders and is heading for number one market leadership, which should be accomplished about next month. At last. About fifteen months ago, we started working on our first campaign for Q-music, which aimed to give the station a recognizable identity which communicated their brand values. We might have overdone it just a bit.

own-work + video / June 24, 2013

World Humanism Day

Everybody knows superheroes like Batman, Spiderman and Superman – they’ve got striking costumes and get to brag about their achievements in comic books and blockbuster movies. The real heroes however, often go unnoticed and rarely receive recognition. We’re talking about Humanitas’ volunteers who take time to help people in need and make meaningful contributions to other people’s lives. On World Humanism Day – June 21st – we wanted to give these superheroes the attention they deserve – and inspire others to discover their own hidden heroism.  read more

own-work / April 8, 2013

KNVB wins UEFA Hattrick Award

Another breakthrough: the UEFA Executive Committee has awarded the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) with a Hattrick Award for its action plan ‘Football for everyone’. It was declared Best Social Project of 2012. The plan promotes gay acceptance in Dutch football and was initiated after a BNN tv show called ‘FC Gay’, which featured the kick-off of the campaign; our commercial ‘Homo? Boeit geen flikker’ (Gay? There’s nothing queer about it). The UEFA Hattrick awards are part of the broader Hattrick program in European football which aims to support the development of the sport and to bring ‘best practices’ to attention. Congratulations!