film + photography / May 9, 2016

The Salt of the Earth

As soon as you’re done reading this, get your tickets here. This documentary is a must see for every human being, as it confronts us as a species with how we treat ourselves, each other, our planet and our fellow inhabitants here on Earth. There isn’t much more to say about it, other than that it has left us utterly speechless – and filled with inspiration. You have certainly seen Sebastião Salgado‘s work at some point in your life. He is renowned for the long-term projects he undertakes, devoting years at a time to documenting the story of a particular people or the evolution of a certain place. Go see.  read more

photography / December 20, 2013

Jimmy Nelson at Tedx

Some time ago we heard about Jimmy’s project and were excited to see his photographs. Jimmy traveled the globe and went for the most remote spots to find and photograph tribal cultures that sooner or later probably have to succumb to the encroaching modern ‘civilization’. His stories are about the way we look at each other. The way we treat each other, our identities and our culturally conditioned standards of what’s normal and what’s not. He’s succeeded to secure, however one-dimensional, a piece of human heritage of undeniable importance.

photography / December 6, 2013

Jee Young Lee – Stage of mind

Who needs photoshop? Jee Young Lee most certainly doesn’t. She builds her images with her own hands, in real life, in her 3,6 x 4,1 x 2,4-meter studio in Seoul.
The series is titled “Stage of Mind” and every photograph has taken her weeks and sometimes months of thorough and patient preparation. She’s made every image without any digital retouching. Recently graduated from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, the young Jee Young Lee photographs the invisible. Where traditional photography submitted us to snippets of reality, Jee Young Lee invites us to look at pictures from her heart, memory and dreams. In the center of each of these stagings, we find the artist’s self-portraits. Her imagination is a catharsis that allows her to accept the repressions and frustrations imposed on her by society. The time allotted for its staging allows her to reflect on the subjects and her specific roles in them tell a particular story about her personal life experiences or traditional Korean fables and other cultural heritage from around the world. It is a form of deep self-reflection and a means to explore her psychological identity.

photography / February 1, 2013


You’ve probably seen JR‘s photographs before – you know, those massive pasted portraits on buildings, trains, garbage trucks and bridges. But this is one nice interview. JR grew up in the suburbs of Paris and began tagging and ‘exhibiting’ on the streets as a teen. He only started taking photographs when he found a camera on the subway. Now he’s put up a system that allows anyone to print and paste their own photos in their own neighborhoods, all for free. His work shows that we’re all human – and all equal. And that’s a good thing.

design + photography / May 21, 2012

Pin Art by Philip Karlberg

Photographer Philip Karlberg's photos are characterized by a pristine, near-perfect quality that nevertheless retains a suggestive secrecy. His works often involve visual clues, but this pin art series demands even more imagination of its viewer. It is a rarely seen technique requiring craftsmanship and a keen eye, which we can always appreciate. If you're unable to identify every one of them, look at their iconic glasses: Karl Lagerfeldt, John Belushi, Jackie O, Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga and Steve McQueen.

design + photography / May 14, 2012

Kirschner Identity by Six

If you’re thinking about cycling up and down a couple of hills anytime soon, there’s no need to worry: your outfit has been taken care of by Kirschner.
This new cycling apparel brand from Brazil collaborated with SIX, a UK based design agency that developed everything from name and identity, right through to the apparel design and promotional collateral. We like its modern styling with vintage nuances, giving the brand its own unique identity. All you need is a bike to match.

advertising + photography / May 14, 2012

IWC by Peter Lindbergh

Every picture in this series makes you curious to see the next. You want to know the story. We especially appreciate the subtlety of the watches in the series.

On the other hand, with an all-star cast, a pile of cash and photographer Peter Lindbergh, you couldn’t expect the outcome to be any less – brilliant.