Shazara – 100% Pure argan oil

The tree is the wisest form of life - it gives much more than it takes. This philosophy is what Shazara stands for as a brand. Shazara is the phonetic translation of the Arabic word for tree. An elegant and meaningful brand name that will keep reminding us of our mission: to find the gifts of Mother Nature and share them with the world. Shazara’s first product is an Argan oil of unprecedented purity. An organic Argan oil that provides every nutrient your skin needs. Naturally.


Shazara is a certified Fair Trade project, which aims to improve the quality of life for both the Berber women who produce it and the women who use Shazara on their skin, hair, hands and nails, glorifying their appearance and inner beauty.

Shazara Argan oil benefits the entire wellbeing of your skin and general health. So, where to find this piece of magnificence? Shop Shazara right here – on Shazara's brand new website. Of which we're wildly proud as well. If you'd like to try and feel Shazara on your skin, visit any Skins Cosmetics store.

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