Meer dan voetbal – De Aanvoerders

Football isn't just football. Football can mean a lot more - it can improve society. It can teach kids to be team players. It keeps us in good shape and it unites people of different teams, with differing colours - and views. Meer dan voetbal (More than football) is a great foundation which aims to prove these points. We came up with a plan to enhance the positive perception of the sport, which evolves around a movement called 'De Aanvoerders' (the Captains). This is a movement of both professional and amateur footballers who take responsibility and want to represent the uniting power of football. It's all about playing together. 

We've developed the 'De Aanvoerders' campaign from A-Z, from its strategy to the website, TV & radio commercials and even a series of short documentaries. Support De Aanvoerders!

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