Het Geluid – Q-music

And it's on. As from now, the most popular radio game in Dutch ether is in full effect. The search for the Sound - 'het Geluid' - has broken loose. Now, the game hasn't changed. It's simple as ever - describe the sound correctly and receive a significant sum of cash. The players however, seem increasingly fanatic every year. So we had to gear the game up.
In this year's campaign, the search for the Sound takes us up to the rooftops of Rotterdam, where Mattie & Wietze jump from building to building, cross alleys using ladders and feel no inhibition whatsoever when it comes to hanging upside down from the top of a skyscraper. The commercial's directed by Marco Grandia, the photography for print and outdoor was done by Alek.

  • Mattie En Wietze Groot 3
  • Mattie En Wietze Groot 1
  • Mattie En Wietze Groot 2
  • Mattie En Wietze Groot Liggend 1