ID&T – Tapwater. Our water

Water belongs to all of us. It's our most basic need and our most fundamental right. That's why water ought to be freely available to everyone - throughout the world. Lisca and Carlijn at ID&T are very aware of the importance of this matter and strive to offer fresh, filtered and free tap water at all their festivals. They asked us to raise awareness of the project in an economic and understandable manner. This resulted in a simple, copy-based campaign with an open character, which can be adjusted to fit each festival's own identity.



  • Kraanwatershirt ID&T 72dpi
  • ID&T Festival
  • ID&T Waterfles
  • ID&T Choose Tab water 12
  • ID&T Choose Tab water 8
  • ID&T Choose Tab water 9
  • Grote 3
  • Grote 4
  • ID&T Waterzak
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  • 5
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