Q-Music: Het Geluid

Finding a person who’s never heard of ‘het Geluid’ – the Sound – might just be as difficult as finding out what the sound is and how it’s made. It’s one of the most popular radio games and the format is simple: describe the sound correctly and receive a significant sum of cash. Now, some people tend to go quite far in their search for the sound. With this campaign, we illustrate the obsession the game brings along. Mattie & Wietze go up, down, right and left in their matching red tracksuits and their boom mic, in order to help their audience find out what the sound is. The concept was conceived with Concept Machine Celia Rosa and accompanied with photography by Bill Tanaka.

According to an article about the latest audience research, Q-music has gained a significant share of the radio market over the last fifteen months (from 6,4 to 9,7 percent - a 53% growth). It is now amongst the top four radio market leaders and is heading for market leadership, which should be accomplished next month. About fifteen months ago, we started working on our first campaign for Q-music, which aimed to give the station a recognizable identity which communicated their brand values. We might have overdone it just a bit.

  • DA_Q-music_HetGeluid_Verticaal_01
  • DA_Q-music_HetGeluid_Verticaal_02
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