SOS Kinderdorpen: Het Familiecadeau

It's almost the most wonderful time of the year and your kids can't sleep at night wondering what wondrous presents you've got in store for them. But what they probably aren't aware of, is that having a family is a gift in itself. Throughout the world, there are still millions of children without parents or any family. The best gift one can give such a child, is a family. Therefore, we came up with 'Het Familiecadeau' - the Family Gift. On one hand you give a child a family in an SOS Children's Village, and on the other hand you give your own family a place to keep your precious family moments safe. The Family Gift is filled with objects that belong to family rituals from all over the world, so your children can learn about other cultures, to care about others and that having a family isn't a given for everyone on earth.

For the campaign, we asked Dutch children what they love about their families. What makes your mum or dad so different, special or fun? And could you draw that?These children's stories and their accompanying drawings were used for the campaign visuals. Without a family, children are and remain helpless. The importance of a caring family is told by those for whom having a family is of vital importance: children themselves.

Over 153 million children in the world have no parents or safe home. SOS Children’s Villages provides individualized care to support the development, education and health of children in areas struck by war, poverty, disease or natural disasters. In partnership with communities, they develop local infrastructure and run kindergartens, day care centres, schools, vocational training centres and medical facilities and give these children a voice to exercise their rights.

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