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own-work / March 14, 2013

De Aanvoerders – Meer dan voetbal

‘De Aanvoerders’ – the Captains – is an initiative of (amongst others) the Captain of Captains; Ruud Gullit. It is a movement of both professional and amateur footballers who take responsibility and want to represent the power of football. So, we took a camera and asked all different kinds of Captains what football means to them and what they love most about their sport. De Aanvoerders aim to unite every footballer and every football fan to remind everyone what football really is all about; playing together.
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film / February 11, 2013

Whateverest – Kristoffer Borgli

We recommend you to watch the video before you read any further – it’s more fun without all the background information.
So – play that tape.
Done? In case you thought this was real; it isn’t. Sorry. The depth of Marius’ character and the reasons for his condition however, seem believable enough to leave viewers wondering if this is a genuine documentary. The story was written and directed by Kristoffer Borgli, one talented young Norwegian director. He created the character during a personal crisis, when he felt very uncreative and envisioned himself as a failed film maker.

photography / February 1, 2013


You’ve probably seen JR‘s photographs before – you know, those massive pasted portraits on buildings, trains, garbage trucks and bridges. But this is one nice interview. JR grew up in the suburbs of Paris and began tagging and ‘exhibiting’ on the streets as a teen. He only started taking photographs when he found a camera on the subway. Now he’s put up a system that allows anyone to print and paste their own photos in their own neighborhoods, all for free. His work shows that we’re all human – and all equal. And that’s a good thing.

blog + own-work / December 21, 2012

Return to Sender – TEDx

Return to Sender tells good stories and sells good products – which is a good story on itself. The organisation of TEDx thought the same and invited Katja Schuurman to tell her story on stage. But which story to tell? Over the years, Return to Sender has collected many stories – each one as inspiring as the other. So we helped Katja to tell her story the best way she could – and she did. A positive, moving, inspiring and energizing speech – and a great, true story.

design + digital + own-work / December 10, 2012

If you like breathing, you’ll love yoga

If you’ve ever wondered why we always make such calm and relaxed impressions, here’s why. It’s because Delight is not merely about advertising. Not only about strategy and business. No. One important and distinctive aspect of Delight is Delight Yoga – our Yoga school in the heart of Amsterdam, where you can experience real, traditional yoga and meditation. Delight Yoga offers yoga and meditation for everyone, on every level. And anyone can do it – as we like to say: if you like breathing, you’ll love yoga. The website is designed to match the warm atmosphere as the school has itself and we hope it invites you to discover the elevating pleasures of yoga. Start today.

advertising + film / December 7, 2012

Stop the intellectual loneliness – Dawn

You know the feeling. You know the looks. You know deep down inside there are no more than three people who actually understand you. Maybe it’s a good idea to educate your friends on certain matters – the Groene Amsterdammer might just make the difference between an actual conversation and the common shrugs you get when asking about their opinion on – well, what not? Dawn teamed up with Johan Kramer and out came Dr. Strangelove. Nice film. Green magazine.

advertising / December 7, 2012

Good books by McBess

We love books. Big books, small books – but most of all; good books. Good Books is a great initiative that creates positive and enduring connections between commercial worlds and less advantaged communities. All their profits go directly to Oxfam to fund projects that provide clean water, sanitation, develop sustainable agriculture and create access to education. So that’s a good thing. We love this animation by McBess, which is one talented illustrator who loves boobs. Books & boobs – sometimes it’s just that simple.

design / November 21, 2012

Jean-Charles Deserve – illustrations

There’s not much to say about Jean-Charles Deserve. And there’s little need for it – his drawings speak for themselves. They state quite clearly that beauty is in detail and attention. In taking time to draw by hand. That craftsmanship should never be exchanged for mere digital, surrogate design. Such detail is rarely seen in these modern times of haste and divided attention, which is a shame. This why we give it the attention it deserves here on our blog. Enjoy – and don’t forget to sharpen up your pencils and do some drawing yourself every once in a while.