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advertising + film / November 6, 2012


So, what’s this? This is nice. This is about cycling. On bicycles. There is no better way from A to Z. Cycling keeps you in good health. Gets you some fresh air.
Keeps you in touch with nature. With the weather. The seasons. And with the flat cold rain straight in your face.
There are many good things to say about cycling. Albert Einstein did. ‘I thought of that while riding my bicycle’ – he said about the Theory of Relativity.
Quite a curious vehicle, the bike. Plus; its passenger is its engine. Anyway, people should bike more. And you don’t need one of these Canadian vélo’s.

design + film / October 17, 2012

Scrap surf

All good things start from scrap. That’s one truth. So, what’s left to say? Shwood sells handmade wooden sunglasses, Blecha Boards does the same with surf- snow- and skateboards. Both founders cooperated in this short film to prove they could build a high quality surfboard from scrapwood and asked Kahana Kalama to test the board to the limits for them. Filmed by Joe Stevens and accompanied by some mood enhancing music.

own-work / October 17, 2012

Willems identity

The plan for tonight: take a stroll through the Vondelpark at sundown. Take in the autumn colours, the falling leaves and the last birds singing goodbye before they head for warmer places. Don’t do this on your own – you should have a reservation at restaurant Willems for two. Or four. Six. Doesn’t matter. You’ll have a nice evening. We gave Willems an identity and website and while we were at it, we helped out with the interior styling too – from its chairs to the menus. And make sure to check out the photo wall. An overall plain and honest style, just like their food.
From Amsterdam – with taste. Make reservations here.

own-work / October 11, 2012

KNVB – Homo? Boeit geen flikker.

At last; a refreshing commercial that handles a sensitive subject without getting too sentimental about it. Broadcasting station BNN decided to dedicate an evening filling programme about the intolerance of homosexuality in football culture, called FC Gay.
They approached Delight Agency to come up with a commercial for the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) to implement in their campaign to raise awareness of the problem. So, we did. Because we do not tolerate intolerance – of any kind. We wanted demonstrate the absurdity of intolerance towards gay people in the football world and empower people to be as they are.

See for yourself if we succeeded.

advertising + design / October 1, 2012

Coca Cola FM Magazine Amplifier

Our work is about making people a bit happier and healthier.
Coca Cola as a brand does fine at the first bit, but we can’t agree with the latter.
We’ll just have to cut JWT Brazil some slack for this simple ingenuity for coca cola fm, since we’re busy with radio too. It’s a simple idea and it saves some energy – and that’s kind of cool.


digital / October 1, 2012

Timeline History Lessons by They

Many things about the future can be learnt from history – that’s nothing new. However, making history relevant to young people is another story. Amsterdam based agency They realized that Facebook’s Timeline is a great way to tell history.

With photo’s and videoclips all neatly placed in chronologic order, it offers students an entertaining overview on a few historic subjects. It also allows students to create posts, link various media, and create dialogue with fellow classmates.
Good work.

advertising / September 14, 2012

Bike New York City

New Yorkers have got to start cycling.
Burn some calories. And of course there’s the city’s congestion and pollution.
Luckily there's a bike sharing program coming up and in order to stay ahead of the debate on this matter, Bike NYC launched a campaign in partnership with Transportation Alternatives, calling attention to cyclists in the city and supporting the growing bike movement. The ads where created by Mother.
The website provides information for bikers and offers discounts on bike related products such as haute réflecture.
We much appreciate the art direction and the salted copy in the ads.

film / August 20, 2012

Dark side of the lens

Yes, we know it’s a bit old. But it’s beautiful. This short film is part of the Short Stories project, established by Relentless Energy Drink. This project challenged filmmakers to create their own mini opus, to explore and celebrate ‘no half measures’ in film. Irish surf photographer Mickey Smith definitely defined it.

Together with Allan Wilson as director of photography, he shows a side to surfing that few of us, as observers or surfers, will glimpse: the life of the photographer.

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