Don't fake the funk

Maarten van Huijstee / creative director

Maarten is a culture junkie with an addiction to brands. Whether it’s in film, art, design or music, for Maarten it always starts with people and the stories that move them. His career path travels the world and migrates from brand management to creative leadership, giving him an uncommon ability to mix the intuitive with the analytical.

Maarten first discovered the power of cultural resonance for brands while working at Unilever SA for the local jewel, Mrs Ball’s chutney, which is strongly rooted in the local Braai (BBQ) culture. His return to Amsterdam to join Heineken headquarters was the next step in Maarten’s evolution on strategic and creative brand concept development.

While at Heineken in 2005, he brought his devotion to strategy, creativity and pop culture together founding ON, a creative content and cross-media club and bar TV network, designed to build brands in over 500 high-end Heineken establishments.

Divesting the network part of ON in 2008, Maarten en Eric founded the independent creative agency Ottonico to continue their work for clients like Heineken, Converse, Volkswagen and Telfort. Ottonico was acquired by TAXI in 2009, where Maarten’s leadership rallied his team and his clients around his passion for brands and culture.

And, as if to prove the point that brands can change the world, Maarten co-founded Return to Sender in 2005. This fair trade brand sources marketable products made in poverty-stricken regions of the world and facilitates the creation of sustainable markets for them in the west.

In 2011 Maarten and Wessel met each other in their passion for yoga and meditation but soon realised that they had more in common: creativity and brand building. This led to their partnership in Delight Agency and Delight Yoga.

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There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

Wessel Paternotte / managing director

Wessel’s secret recipe is to bring different people together, all with their own backgrounds and characters, creating an environment in which skill and talent can come to their full advantage.

After his communication studies, he started to develop this at monster.com, the world’s biggest online career platform, where he launched the Dutch monsterboard.nl. Here, he fell in love with the unlimited possibilities of the World Wide Web, helping millions of people find better jobs. Or better yet: their calling. After implementing an online career platform at KPMG, Wessel joined advertising agency New Message, producing both online and offline campaigns.

Combining his creative and managing talents was clearly the way to go, and it did not take long until his entrepreneurial side stepped up and he decided to start his own agency, creating work for clients such as Red Bull, BNN, Microsoft and Samsung.

In 2006, Wessel founded Delight Works, a group of companies that are driven by passion, purpose and spirituality. Delight Studio and Delight Yoga quickly became well known in Amsterdam. Wessel’s commitment to excellence and his tremendous drive to make a difference in the world were matched when he met Maarten and Michel.

Together they founded Delight Agency.

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Michel Fijn – Design Director / Art Director

It seems like Michel fell into a bath of smooth aesthetic elixir. Design has more or less defined his life. His design style breathes a crisp minimalism, sometimes shaken up by a rough touch. He is driven by creation and gets his inspiration from wherever he drives his Harley.

After high school, Michel went straight to work at a small studio in Hilversum as a junior designer, where he quickly discovered the unlimited possibilities the digital world had to offer.

Michel made a big leap forward in 2002 when he joined Agency.com, a worldwide renowned design agency where he spent the larger part of 5 years as a Designer and Art Director, creating conceptual- and digital design work for brands like T-Mobile, Schiphol Airport and ABN Amro.

In 2007 he was eager to evolve further on his own, carrying on as a freelance Designer and Art Director. This also cleared the way for many new creative ventures.

He deepened his knowledge of film and photography and started his own online shops Opdelijst.nl and bracelet boutique Envydi.nl.

Teaming up with Maarten en Wessel to establish Delight Agency, he’s made a long treasured ambition come true.

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Stay wild


Bram van Leeuwen - Strategist & Copywriter

Bram has been writing and drawing ever since he could hold a pencil. Hence the love of his life is any blank sheet of paper. To be filled with scribblings, random thoughts, tiny drawings and big ideas.

After dropping out of Art college from the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Academie, he went on to study Advertising at the Willem de Kooning Academie, but thought it would be better to just do it: great advertising and a touch of Sartre inspires great advertising and a healthy work ethic. He was nominated for the ADCN young talent award in the same year and competed in the Young Lions competition in Cannes, leading one of the 42 best young creative teams worldwide.

He went on writing from the most inspiring bookstore in the world: MENDO, and was hired by New Message, but couldn’t get used to sitting behind a desk and wanted to interfere with more than his job described.

So, he realized he had to hunt down the excitement himself as a freelance creative, traveling from job to job, delivering creative input for clients ranging from Snowleopard Vodka to AkzoNobel.

Then one day, he saw the light. The right agency. Delight Agency.

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Bram van Leeuwen
I see things that aren't there, but everywhere
Ideas are hardly ever crazy
but never crazy enough

Nicky-bob van Beijnen - Art Director

According to the myth, our mighty creator took a massive rock of pure creativity and bluntly carved Nick out of it. With an axe.
Nicky-bob is something else. Something different.

We suspect his brain’s tuned into some rainbow coloured realm far astray from ordinary stuff like space and time, carpeted with rolling hills stretching far further than the imagination ever goes and where ideas grow in incomprehensible amounts, like fields full of flowers, simply there for him to pick. Here anything blooms - from wild carpentry to music videos and from entire campaigns to exotic aquaria.

When Nicky-bob heard coming up with new ideas and realizing them could be made into a profession, he immediately knew he was born for it; advertising. He started to study Art Direction at the Junior Academy, where several attempts to channel his creativity were made. During this time, Nick’s energy had burst all over Amsterdam, enabling him to start Nicksmismee after he graduated.

His hunger for progression began to itch after a while though, and he was taken aboard at Taxi Europe for a traineeship and was subsequently hired as an Art Director. At Taxi, he became known as the creatives catalyst, infecting others with his unwavering enthusiasm about practically everything.

Curious to see what it was like at a larger advertising agency, he joined JWT, where he created campaigns for de Belastingdienst and ING/Rijksmuseum, of which the latter has spread all over the world and made the 8 o’ clock news from the US to Japan.

A general urge for further exploration of the globe led him to Central America, where he spent four months plunging into its cultural characteristics and clear waters. With his mind swept clean, the realization dawned upon him that he had stuff to do. He had to create. Fast. Crazy. Things. All the time. More and more. Every day.

So he jumped on a plane and joined Delight.

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Kees Klein Hemmink / Art Director

Kees is a rockstar. Look at ‘m. He rocks. And he doesn’t even need a guitar for it. He has no intention of filling the world with silly love songs. Kees does it his own way. With his Wacom-tablet.

Kees is a designer with his heart on storytelling. He is always in search for the underlying beauty in every message, which he translates into true visual treats. His broad education in Art & Technology has allowed him to explore various disciplines, which he skilfully applies in his very own style. His harmonic designs are characterized by a playful touch, his motion graphics by excellent timing.

His career kicked off in 2007, when he joined ON to complete his traineeship. Kees’ ability to put shapes and objects swiftly in motion developed further, as he gradually grew into the position of motion designer at Ottonico and, later on, at TAXI - until 2013. After this, he joined TWC apps, but concluded he sought more creative freedom and projects that match his beliefs, which he found at Delight.

Kees’ designs range from logo’s and print to websites and apps fit for all different sorts of screens; tablets, mobiles and even ye old tv.

He’s rocked for clients such as KPN, Telfort, Knab, Return to Sender, Samsung, Disney, Douwe Egberts, Hi and Heineken. And he can surely rock with you - just in case you thought that wasn’t the case with Kees.

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See sleeve

Sido Wijga / Designer

See. Do. In that order. Sido taught himself everything there is to know about design. Sido was born to design. There’s no need to add more to it. Like all great design.

But this isn’t design, so here’s the story: Sido was already interested in design as a kid. He graduated from high school with the highest grates for drawing & art history. After that, he went to study something new and experimental called Multi Media Design at the Grafisch Lyceum Amsterdam. But despite of his interest in all those new digital platforms at that time, he discovered he had to explain more to his teachers than vice versa. Sido instinctively mastered design as an autodidact and started working as a freelance designer in the peak of the first Internet bubble. He went on freelancing for different agencies and created digital work for brands like Nikon, Grolsch, Lays, ABSOLUT, Passoã, ID&T, Red Bull and MTV. See. ‘Born to design’ would’ve been sufficient.

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Gracias a la vida

Daphne Hernandez / Creative Producer

For Daphne it has always been quite clear; she wanted to be a doctor without borders. So after her Gymnasium, she started out studying medicine – of which she successfully completed the propaedeutic course - before jumping off to the faculty of Psychology, where she specialized in Social Psychology.

Daphne likes to cross every border there is to cross in her general urge to help people – not from a clinical point of view, but with a human approach.

She decided to help improve people’s lives through communication and with her organizational skills, which eventually led her to Delight. Daphne has handled accounts in all areas, starting as a PR-consultant at Maussen Communications in 2007, where she worked for clients such as Ilja Visser, Ruinart and Philips.
After this, she started to shake up the world of advertising at Havas Worldwide. Here she took on new business, and managed a wide variety of accounts ranging from the Metropole Orchestra to Disneyland Paris - and everything in between, from PostNL to Reckitt Benckiser and Freo.

At Delight Agency, Daphne guards the borders between efficiency and creativity and knows exactly when and where to either hold, stretch or cross them. She has a cheerful and curious character and loves discussing new opportunities with you. Or topics such as food, football and film - which is, due to her Chilean roots, also possible in Spanish. Buena suerte.

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