We’re an advertising agency –

and we build our own brands too.

Building our own brands allows us to develop them from head to toe – from its product strategy to the creative execution, giving you an insight

in what we like best.





Delight Yoga

We believe that yoga is the best way to bring balance between body, mind, heart and soul. Delight Yoga is our Yoga school in the heart of Amsterdam, where you can discover the delight of real yoga any way you please. Delight Yoga provides yoga for every one, on every level. As we like to say; if you like breathing, you’ll love yoga.
Our teachings are taught by experienced and qualified teachers, who are dedicated in their own practice, and who share their knowledge and expertise with profound quality – with joy, humour, compassion and professionalism. We invite you to discover the virtues of yoga in the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of one of our studios. Start today.

Shazara – 100% Pure argan oil

The tree is the wisest form of life – it gives much more than it takes. This philosophy is what Shazara stands for as a brand. Shazara is the phonetic translation of the Arabic word for tree. An elegant and meaningful brand name that will keep reminding us of our mission: to find the gifts of Mother Nature and share them with the world. Shazara’s first product is an Argan oil of unprecedented purity. An organic Argan oil that provides every nutrient your skin needs. Naturally.


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